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My career in academia has been fueled by my desire to understand how people form and maintain relationships. This curiosity helped me discover my passion for research and data analysis, and has brought me to my current role as a Data Analyst. 


June 2023 - present

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Good Inside New York
Data Analyst 

  • Unlocked novel insights regarding user retention and website engagement through in-depth analysis of website activity data.

  • Advised Product team on A/B testing strategies for data-driven product improvements.

  • Played a pivotal role in facilitating team adoption of our data stack, enhancing efficiency and collaboration.

  • Proficient in SQL for complex query writing and data manipulation.

  • Utilized Snowflake and Amplitude for streamlined data processing.

  • Presented insights to stakeholders, shaping strategic discussions.

  • Assisted Product team in understanding user retention and acquisition.

June 2022 - present

YouGov America, New York
Freelance Contributor (Sept. 2022 - present)
Survey Data Journalism Intern (June - Sept. 2022)

  • Analyzed data and wrote over 20 articles on topics such as climate change, gun-control, teaching, and morality.

  • Proposed and fielded my own survey questions on moral and political issues, job-quitting and the economy, and reading books.

  • Spearheaded experiments on research methodology to build consistent guidelines for survey writing. 

  • Wrote R Studio code to automate the chart-making process by pulling data straight from the database and uploading charts directly onto DataWrapper.

  • Participated in meetings with the PR team, as well as meetings with potential new clients. 

  • Gained substantial experience with R Studio, DataWrapper, and Crunch. 

June - Aug. 2021


MindGym US, New York
Innovation Intern

  • Mastered instructional design by translating behavioral science into actionable insights for leadership teams.

  • Collaborated with the research and client teams to understand and calibrate business needs.

  • Led product development for 6 leadership workshops on performance management, well-being, and inclusion.  

  • Synthesized 100+ empirical papers on leadership development, innovation, diversity & inclusion, and hybrid work environments.

  • Revised MindGym’s leadership whitepaper.

2018 - present


New York University, New York
PhD Candidate/Researcher

  • Designed 6 behavioral, psychophysiological experiments, and survey studies to investigate dyadic and group interactions.

  • Developed and hosted webinars on multilevel modeling, conducting social interaction studies online, and resampling over-time physiological data (see Webinars tab).

  • Successfully completed courses on Multilevel Modeling, Time Series Analyses, Psychometric Theory, and Machine Learning.

  • Presented research at 7 international and regional conferences. 

  • Led a team of 10 research assistants in running in-lab studies, processing data, and conducting their own independent research.

  • Mentored 6 research assistants to secure research funding for their projects.

  • Taught Advanced Psychological Statistics, Social Psychology, and Introduction to Psychology courses and received excellent feedback from students (4.8/5.0).

  • Organized the departmental speaker series and the Summer Institute for Social and Personality Psychology (SISPP; 2019).

May 2017 - May 2018


New York University, New York
Laboratory Manager

  • Managed and executed experiments and survey studies and developed innovative research questions. 

  • Supervised and trained a team of 12 research assistants. 

  • Coordinated lab meetings, guest speakers, and workshops.

  • Reviewed applications and interviewed potential research assistants.  

  • Maintained lab website using HTML; edited webinar series videos using Adobe Premiere. 


2018 - 2023 

New York University | PhD in Social Psychology

Dissertation title: 

Exploring the role of status characteristics in collaborative tasks: A multi-method investigation into the effects of hierarchy on individual and group outcomes

2014 - 2018

New York University | Bachelor's Degree

Major in Psychology with Honors

Minor in Mathematics and Computer Science 

summa cum laude 

& Expertise

​Technical Skills

  • Survey & Experiment Design, A/B testing

  • Multi-Level Modeling

  • SQL, Python, SPSS, SAS, R

  • Data Visualization

  • Instructional Design

  • Machine Learning

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Research

Professional Skills

  • Highly Detailed & Organized 

  • Team player with leadership experience 

  • Excellent written and verbal communicator 

  • Presentation & webinar creation 

  • Multi-Lingual (English, Romanian, Spanish) 

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